AJM Decorating FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

I want a decorating firm I can trust but I live in Preston. Does AJM Decorating cover this area?

Yes. We have dedicated teams of highly skilled decorators in both Cumbria and Lancaster who cover the whole of the North West and Southern Scotland. This includes Cumbria, Lancashire and North Yorkshire. Contact us to discuss jobs even further afield.


Do you carry professional insurance?

Yes we do. All of our work and staff are fully covered by professional insurance to give our customers peace of mind.


I would like a quote for some decorating work. Will I be charged?

No. We are happy to provide a full, no obligation quote completely free of charge.


Do you carry out work on private residences as well as business and commercial premises?

Absolutely. We have many private customers who come to us because they want skilled and professional decorators who will be reliable, polite and complete work to their own exacting standards. Scale of work is not an issue.


Will you leave my home or business premises in a tidy state once the work is complete?

Your walls may have been perfectly papered and your woodwork precision finished but to us, a job is only complete once the area in which we have been working is tidy and clean. We treat your home or business premises as we would our own.


My wooden window frames appear to be beyond repair. Is is worth contacting AJM Decorating before I look into having them replaced altogether?

Yes. Using Repair Care International’s revolutionary WindowCare Systems technique, we can bring most rotten woodwork back to life. It is a more economical option to replacing them altogether.


After completion, is the decorating work guaranteed? If so, how long for?

Yes. The decorating exterior works provided are guaranteed for 3 years as of the completion date, providing all preparation work has been carried out by ourselves. If any paint work on the exterior breaks down within the three years, we will return and paint it free of charge.


Why should I choose AJM Decorating over other firms in the area?

Because we have earned an unmatched reputation for excellence since we were established in 1994. We have painstakingly built a qualified and highly skilled workforce who will be punctual and polite and who will complete work to unsurpassed standards.