Green Bank Studios

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In October 2009, we were asked to tender for the exterior and interior re-decoration of Green Bank Studios. As a leading decorating firm within the area, we were delighted when we were chosen to undertake this project, using the Sikkens range of products.

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience, on being able to use a wide variety of products. We are also able to advise which products are most suited for each project. Green Bank Studios required a durable, high UV resistance for the exterior and a hard wearing, natural looking finish for the interior woodwork.


As a company that strives to provide the client with the best possible finish, we recommended Osmo Poly X Oil for the interior woodwork. It enhances the natural grain of the wood whilst giving maximum protection and durability. For the interior walls and ceiling, we applied Farrow & Ball Emulsion in White to brighten the room and draw attention to the fabulous ash flooring.


The exterior wood was abraded back down to the natural wood and decorated using Sikkens Novatech and Sikkens Novatop to create this impressive finish. Not only does this product enhance the beauty of the wood it also protects against UV damage and is hard wearing against the harsh weather, ideal for such a vast amount of wood.