Morrells Wood Finishes, Lacquers & French Polishes

Morrells Woodfinishes Ltd provide innovative, high quality wood coatings, french polishes and lacquers for use on a wide variety of wooden surfaces. The range includes an extensive variety of water borne, solvent borne1 pack & 2 pack: stains, lacquers, colourants, floor finishes, anti-bacterial & fire retardant products. Morrells products combine the experience of 100 years experience alongside a passion for innovation, which results in an ever developing range of environmentally responsible products.

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AJM Decorating use the Morrells Woodfinishes on various aspects of internal and external decorating works. We find the products to be of the highest quality, providing a durable professional looking finish. Staff have attended a 2 day Training School at the Morrells Head Office, focusing on application, advice, correct product selection & maintenance of all products, ensuring we are able to give customers advice on which product is best for their decorating requirements.

At AJM Decorating, we have several samples of the large variety of wood finishes Morrells have to offer. These can be a useful tool in assisting customers with their choice of product, and show the stages the decorators take to achieve a high quality finish.

There are several different brands which are all part of the Morrells Woodfinishes company and help customers & decorators identify which product package is best for their decorating requirements.

Translucent Finishing

This consists of various water borne & solvent borne stains, 1 pack & 2 pack lacquers, french polishes and grain fillers. The range has products to suit all applications from brush to spray, and includes natural wood colours along with modern colours such as violet & orange.

Patinas & Stipples are used to achieve authentic aged and distressed effects whilst Liming Paste gives an attractive ‘white grain’ effect to open the grain on oak wood.

A ‘Crackle Glaze’ effect can also be used as a modern twist on wood finishes. A basecoat is applied followed by a lacquer, which forces the basecoat to break up and ‘crackle’.

The Lacquers can be purchased in varying degrees of sheen finish. This is so that customers can choose between a high gloss right through to a matt lacquer finish.

Morrells French Polishes cover a wide scope of different types of polish to suit all timbers and styles. For example; A Garnet Polish is more suited to a dark timber & used on traditional Georgian style mahogany furniture whereas a Special White Polish gives a clear / translucent effect, ideal for light timbers. With French Polish making a return & becoming increasingly popular, Morrells are the perfect company to use as they offer a Polish for all surfaces.

Pigmented Finishing

Morrells offer a 1 pack & 2 pack Lacquer colour system designed to ensure a high opacity and durable range of products. With their unique Fastmatch Colour Matching Service, the skilled laboratory team can match and tint thousands of ‘special’ colours for customers every year.


The Morlux range are specified as an ‘ultra-violet’ cure coating, resulting in a virtually instantaneous curing process, ideal for mass production of items such as furniture, flooring materials, doors & architraves. All products offer supreme chemical and physical resistance properties ensuring they are extremely durable whilst still providing a flat, smooth surface.


Clasolac is a high build, fire retardant, acid catalyst lacquer. It is used to maintain a substrate fire rating but cannot be used to upgrade it, and is deemed as suitable for heavy to severe usage. These lacquers can also be matched to any colour using the Fastmatch service.


This product contains an agent which stops bacteria surviving on it’s surface. The 2 specified lacquers stop the spread of a variety of bacteria and has a kill rate of 99% within 24 hours. Some bacteria can cause deterioration, discolouration and odours on wooden surfaces, however the Medicote range reduces the risk of this occurring. Ideal for medical areas and schools.


This range is designed for exterior surfaces to protect against weathering, rot, fungal attack and UV damage. Not only does the range include a preservative and topcoat it also includes Omnia Maintain which will restore the original beauty of exterior wood whilst maintaining the weathering properties.


Wood Floor Sealers – These enhance the natural appearance and grain of wood floors whilst ensuring maximum durability and a strong chemical / mechanical resistance. Designed to be used as a base for the Wood Lacquers to adhere to, they provide a sound surface and ensure the wood is fully sealed.

Wood Floor Finishes – These products vary depending on the surface & traffic level required. Products traffic level range from light abrasions through to a resilient coating for sports floors. All floor coatings contain an anti-bacterial agent to ensure a 99% kill rate against harmful bacteria. These again come in a varying degree of sheen level.

Maintenance – Morrells have also developed an anti-bacterial repair and maintain system for use with the Induro range of floor coatings. The system contains a Cleanser, and a Reviver to maintain floor coatings.